Release 0.2

For the second release, I got the opportunity to collaborate with the Appmaker community to help fix issue #2235.

The community made me feel welcomed, I was given lots of background information about the bug as well as tips on where to look to get started.

1. Understanding the bug

2. Approaching the bug

3. Pushing changes to origin

4. Pull Request

###Understanding the bug

When a button is pressed, the background changes giving feedback that the button is now in a “pressdown” state. Once the press is released, a “pressup” event gets triggered and the button changes back to the original color.

But the ‘pressup’ event never gets triggered when pressing a button that links to another card tab. Thus the button never changes back to the original state.

###Approaching the bug

I started by looking into the suggestions and the links given like the pressdown and pressup functions in the button component.

I read up on how bricks are built to try to understand how the project is structured.

Then explored around to find out where things were and how things get triggered by using javascript alert functions combined with firebug and Chrome DevTools.

###Pushing changes to origin

I followed this guide on submitting a pull request.

I also followed this guide on updating a forked repo to make sure my forked origin had the latest changes from upstream from Appmaker.

###Pull Request

Pull request link.